About Me

Hello! My name is Devin, and I am a master's student at University of Washington. I completed my undergraduate studies in linguistics and computer science at University of Wisconsin - Madison, and I am soon to receive my master’s degree in computational linguistics. In Fall 2021, I plan to begin my PhD in linguistics, focusing on propaganda and persuasive language. I am most interested in linguistically studying why people may choose to believe certain statements and how speakers make their statements more convincing through use of varied linguistic devices. In addition, I am interested in the ways people use language to form or reinforce ideologies as well as the how the concept of truth is affected in environments of mass-information.

Outside of my work, I have a lot of interests. One of my long-time passions is learning languages. Right now, I’m mostly focused on improving my Mandarin for career purposes, though in the past I have studied others. I am also hugely into music; uou can always find me searching for new music, dancing swing, or playing instruments. Two other things I really enjoy are cooking and backpacking whenever I get time to get outside. Lastly, I enjoy writing on my personal blog.